Volvo Trucks

Volvo built its first truck in 1928 to serve a growing transport industry and at the time the challenge was to build trucks that met the rigorous demands of the job and balanced with the comfort and safety needs of the driver. Today, Volvo Trucks manufactures a broad line of on-highway and vocational Class 8 vehicles.

  • Volvo Truck VNM200

    VNM 200

    The lightweight VNM 200 truck is designed to help you excel in regional bulk or specialty hauling.

  • Volvo Truck VNM430

    VNM 430

    The VNM 430 gives you superb comfort and flexibility without the expense of a long-haul sleeper. 

  • Volvo Truck VNM630

    VNM 630

    The VNM 630 is well-suited for any trailer height with a shorter wheelbase to help maneuver through tight spots.

  • Volvo VNL 300

    VNL 300

    The VNL 300 brings comfort and reliability with an array of unique features for safe, reliable operations.

  • Volvo Truck VNL430

    VNL 430

    The VNL 430 comes with a 42" sleeper and offers exceptional maneuverability and visibility for long days on the road.

  • VNL 630

    The VNL 630 is all about efficiency. This is a truck that loves the highway, and is designed to stay there.

  • Volvo

    VNL 670

    Inside the VNL 670 is a spacious 61" sleeper, plus many comforts your drivers will appreciate.

  • Volvo Truck VNL730

    VNL 730

    The VNL 730's roomy 77" sleeper lets you stretch out in true comfort when the day is done.

  • Volvo Truck VNL780

    VNL 780

    The VNL 780 provides dependable over-the-road transportation without compromising on comfort or quality.

  • Volvo Truck VNx


    The VNX heavy-haul tractor features a full-size cab and Volvo D16 engine and is ideal for a wide array of applications.

  • Volvo VHD 300

    VHD 300

    The VHD helps you deliver, with an easily customizable chassis and up to five power take-off options. 

  • Volvo VHD 400

    VHD 400

    The VHD 430's 42” sleeper and full-size bunk help tackle those longer routes without losing precious time.

  • Volvo VAH 200

    VAH 200

    The VAH series maximizes payload capacity and brings efficiency to a highly specialized transportation business.

  • Volvo VAH 430

    VAH 430

    The VAH 430 maintains urban maneuverability, but adds a roomy 42” sleeper for a comfortable rest.