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PACCAR Solutions Fleet Service Management

Take Control of Your Repair

The PACCAR Solutions Fleet Service Management program is a web-based truck repair management tool that reduces time spent on the phone by offering scheduling and status of your vehicles, day or night. Schedule service with any PACCAR dealer in the US and Canada through the online portal.

Problem Features

Program Features

One View for All Repairs | Truck Service Scheduling | Warranty, Campaigns & Recalls | Customer Service | OE Support | Preventative Maintenance Management

PACCAR Solutions Fleet Service Management

You Know What We Know

The online portal takes guesswork out of the repair process. As a truck enters the system, you receive automatic updates throughout every step of the process. The portal allows you save time tracking repairs so you can manage other aspects of your fleet and business.

How It Works:

Get Connected

When you’re ready for your fleet to take advantage of all that the Fleet Service Management tool has to offer, reach out to your local MHC dealer

 for more information.