RoadAssist Call Center Frequently Asked Questions

RoadAssist: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get answers to all questions you may have in mind regarding our RoadAssist Call Center services. Below is a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to give you the answers you need:

RoadAssist 24-Hour Service

Why should I use MHC RoadAssist?

RoadAssist provides 7-day/24-hour coverage for Class 6-8 tractors and trucks. Our program includes a preferred vendor network with coverage across the United States and Canada. RoadAssist is an “at-will” service, so you can call when you need us.

What can I expect from the RoadAssist team when a driver calls?

We are a resource dedicated to your drivers, and work with them to define and understand their trucks’ needs. Your drivers may be requested to take photos of suspect items, check associated points of interest and provide feedback on smell, color, sounds, etc. Drivers are not put in dangerous situations and will never be asked to operate a vehicle that is not safe.

Do I need to sign a contract to receive RoadAssist services?

No formal contract is needed to utilize our call center. However, RoadAssist does require customers to have an MHC charge account for service, and if needed, an MHC rental account. RoadAssist requests that a customer profile is created to define national accounts and customer-preferred vendor utilization.

Can I sign up for RoadAssist while using another similar service?

RoadAssist has no conflicts at this time. We recommend checking to see if you have a current service contract that would cause concern.

Does RoadAssist provide substitute trucks?

Substitute units are available if a credit limit is established with MHC Truck Leasing’s rental operations. MHC also works with all major truck rental companies, so if a customer has a national rental account, RoadAssist will help secure units for the customer.

What if an issue arises outside of MHC’s network?

RoadAssist maintains more than 1,000 preferred vendors nationwide outside of MHC’s facilities. RoadAssist makes service decisions based on customer needs. When scheduling a repair, RoadAssist contacts preferred vendors, determining availability and obtaining quotes as needed. If a unit repair is warranty-related, RoadAssist selects the appropriate OEM dealership to ensure coverage.

My driver needs a place to stay while is truck is down. Does RoadAssist cover driver accommodations?

Yes! RoadAssist covers all trucking industry-related products and services. We provide driver relocation and hotel accommodations as indicated by the customer.

Do I pay RoadAssist at the time of the repair?

No payment is needed at the time of the repair. RoadAssist bills customers on their established MHC charge account. A comprehensive repair order with individual line items for each portion of the repair (road service, towing, in shop repairs) is sent via email to request a purchase order once vendor invoicing is complete. 

What service fees apply to the repair?

RoadAssist has a per incident fee that is initiated with the report of breakdown and covers all services needed to get your unit back in service. For example, if a truck goes down and must be towed to a service provider, the repair is completed at the provider, the repair is completed and a single service fee is billed.

Can I use my existing national account or vendor-specific accounts when working with RoadAssist?

Yes! Our customers’ national accounts are captured when their initial customer profiles are created. These profiles are used to provide customers with negotiated pricing.

Does RoadAssist provide national pricing with vendors?

Yes, preferred vendor pricing is passed on to customers, as well as nationwide Kenworth and Peterbilt parts discount pricing. Some national tire pricing is also available.

What happens when one of my drivers has to abandon a unit?

RoadAssist can contract one of our many truck moving vendors to bring your unit home. We will ensure whichever service is used will bring your truck home safely.

How does RoadAssist handle repairs when I have my own repair facility or mobile repair unit?

We understand that a lot of companies manage their own repair facilities. RoadAssist will work with you to route work to your shop based on availability, distance, type of repair, significance of fault, etc.

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